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Banana - Live (LP)


Banana LIVE is a fresh and decidedly modern addition to the Minimalist canon. Spearheaded by Josiah Steinbrick, this supergroup-of-sorts pay tribute to the big American heroes with wonderfully loose-limbed performances that even manage to warm up the Glass heart with some almost spiritual jazz embellishments. The recording is live and direct, perfectly capturing the hive-mind playing of the ensemble. Josiah’s compositions pay homage to some of his influences incorporating refrains by Arthur Russell and Heino Jürisalu. The artwork from Winnipeg-based artist Michael Dumontier’s (Royal Art Lodge) archive is a great look for this linear and playful music.  Look out for more recordings from Josiah and this group in the future!

New release by Leaving Records


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Banana - Live_1.jpg
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