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Beau Wanzer - Do the Spider Shimmy (10")


Hailing from Chicago, Beau Wanzer has carved out a singular voice in electronic music since debuting on the L.I.E.S. label in 2013. Wanzer’s music is not industrial, wave, electro, or techno - it’s a unique and twisted amalgamation of all that, and more. Crazy as it sounds, we at Suction Records have been sitting on this Beau Wanzer material since 2003. Back then Beau was working at Weekend Records And Soap — a Chicago hub for the city’s exploding electro scene — when Solvent and Lowfish rolled into town to perform at an Ersatz Audio label showcase. We met Beau at the shop and he gave us a 21-track CDR. We were instant fans, fast friends, and went on to the share the stage with him several times, well before he released his first records. That CDR contains these 6 tracks now released on 10”-vinyl as the “Do The Spider Shimmy” EP. This is suction049.

Had that CDR not been held onto, and recently-unearthed by Solvent, this music would have disappeared into digital oblivion; Beau had long forgotten them and didn’t even have a copy of these CDR tracks. Beau Wanzer’s trademark sound — raw, minimal electronics and effected-beyond-recognition vocals — were already in full-effect circa 2003, but what makes this material different from his contemporary output is the dry, drumbox-funk influence of Detroit’s Ersatz Audio label (Le Car, ADULT.), which is also heard loud and clear across the EP.

Release by Suction Records

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