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Charles Ditto - Boojum (Cassette)


And here we have a compilation of Charles Ditto's zaniest works, compositions that manage to be both effervescent and earnest, goofy yet heartfelt. Some tracks, such as the suite "Immunity" or part one of "Porch Music from Earth" (PMfE pt. 1), balance the minimalist with the maximalist, teeming with scattered riffs and strains while still finding moments to retreat from the frenzy and find space to breathe and swoon. Others, such as "Ghanjama" and "Passing Phase", bounce along eagerly, deconstructing and decomposing as they struggle to get every single thought or idea that comes to their mind out into the world. The result is a collection of tracks that not only feel cozy alongside one another, but inspired and dynamic.

Release by Cudighi Records

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Charles Ditto - Boojum.jpg

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