C.R. Gillespie - Tlön (Cassette)


Toronto-based artist C.R. Gillespie presents Tlön, an unwinding study of mythology and mirrors in the writings of Jorge Luis Borges. Recorded with a view upon the Toronto Rail Line and its gradual, sonorous traffic, C.R. Gillespie combines and disseminates melodic information through synthesizers and samplers, constructing an imagined vein of gnostic anthropology. Projected environs give organic accents to the inhumanity of improvised conversations. Elaborations of muttered arpeggios, tangents of blurred, bilious pads; transparent tigers and towers of blood. Borges’ lingering fable exists as a reverie, dreamt by eager participants in a malleable world, in which the passing of a few years may at the very least bring about a new epoch. And another. And another. 

Limited, Hand-Numbered Edition of 100 Hi-Bias Cassettes.

Release by Metachroma Currency Ltd.

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