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Dennis Young - Quest (LP)


Lifted cosmic new age for voice, synth, flute and percussion from Liquid Liquid member Dennis Young. Stunning album, up in the celestial THERE with Vision Songs and The Healing Music of Rana.

Dennis Young, the percussionist and marimba player in the seminal New York art-wave group, recorded a series of cassette-only releases in the '80s after Liquid Liquid disbanded. A couple of these were picked up at the time for Korean release, which is where Daehan Electronics, a South Korea-based label dedicated to tracing the history of electronic music in the land of the morning calm, comes in.

Quest was one of these albums, part of a biorithmically-aligned New Age series, each album meant to be heard on specific days of the week. DE has worked with Young to restore and remaster the original masters for this new release, bringing out the full warmth of the analog synthesizers used to create it. It is the first in a series of projected collaborations with Young, which will delve deeply into both the scarce cassette issues and other, unreleased material newly discovered on forgotten tapes.

Release by Daehan Electronics

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