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Étienne O’Leary - Musiques de films (1966-1968) (LP)


“O’Leary was a Canadian phonic plunderer some years before John Oswald raised the practice to a fine art. On DAY TRIPPER, sounds of a piano interior are intercut with a collage of time-locked samples from records of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Dionne Warwick, The Who and Nancy Sinatra. Harmonium looms large on the other two tracks, reedily droning and fluttering away, outside of any recognizable musical genre. It follows O’Leary’s impulse, embellished sporadically with quivering electronics, percussive ringing, distorted and slowed down speech. The resulting music is unique and precarious. This is the etch sound of a particular historical moment, when received expectations and constraints were dissolving – a time of new and unpredictable singularities.” - Julian Cowley (The Wire) 

Étienne O’Leary’s filmography consists of three experimental films completed while in Paris during the late 1960s. Day Tripper, Homeo and Chromo Sud constitute a cinema of resistance. These brutally personal and subversive films form a body of work with few precedents.

O’Leary’s contribution to underground cinema is not limited to the introduction of a new cinematographic language. The potency of his oeuvre resides in three unsettlingly evocative soundtracks that he composed himself. This music is now available on vinyl for the very first time. 

Release by Tenzier

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Étienne O’Leary - Musiques de films (1966-1968).jpg