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Fist of Facts - Fugitive Vesco (12" + 7")


Absolutely essential reissue of this post-Liquid Liquid venture by Sal Principato. Really it’s everything you’d want it to be, dark and political, with intricate and persuasive percussion, but this time around hammered out by drum computers and FM synths. Expanded edition includes a bonus 45 of previously unreleased material. 

After no-wave legends Liquid Liquid broke up in 1984, singer Salvatore Principato took some much need to time to revaluate his musical direction. Renting a studio on the Lower East Side with Ken Man Caldiera. It was there that they started their next musical project, Fist of Facts. 

In 1985 Ken Man showed up in the studio with this IBM AT computer. It had a 1/2 MB of RAM and some Voyetra software that could sequence music, becoming the duo’s backing band. Fist Of Facts contributors included Mark Cunningham from Mars, Felice Rosser, Genevieve De Monvel Boutet, Carlos Vivanco, Scott Hartley from the Liquids and a whole host of others.

Reissue by Telephone Explosion

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Fist of Facts-Fugitive Vesco.jpg

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