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Jonas Broberg - From K.K.S. to E.M.S Electronic Music 1983-85 (LP)


In 1985 Broberg’s cassette “Kling Klang Salád” was released on Konduktör Rekords. Over the years it has become a much sought after release with its eccentric mix of electronic rhythms, synthesizer and vocal experiments. Now, in 2019, here’s a fresh new vinyl release containing highlights from K.K.S. plus previously unreleased gems from the periods between 83’ to 85’ during which time Broberg teamed up with Jens Hedman at the Electronic Music Studio in Stockholm, spending many nights workin with tape effects and Buchla synths.

Bon appetit! 

Release by Awoha Press / Djuring Phonogram

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Jonas Broberg - From K.K.S. To E.M.S....jpg

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