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Nar'Chiveol - Esperance Music Wir (LP)


For its first release , Décalé. started with one of the most awaited french zouk (in the ear of the beholder) albums : Nar’Chiveol – “Esperance Music Wir”. Originally released in 1988 on a private press in Guadeloupe and the same year on West Indies Records in Paris.

“Apocalypse Now Ho” is now a well known banger for diggers and Décalé. wanted to show the whole album that is really surprising by crossing West Indies genres.

From disco west indies with “Séance de Nuit” and “Spleen Maria”, weird rumba funk with “Fo Nou Pédalé” to early biguine inspiration with “Separation KC”. To close this album, ”Apocalypse Now” and "Swingue Zouk La” sounds like a revolution didn’t yet happen in carraibean music.

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Release by Décalé.

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