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Organizatsiya - Strane Lezioni (7")


Debut-album of an incipient story: Organizatsiya. Not a band, not a collective or a label, but a gathering of compatible souls into music. Organizatsiya links peoples around various fields for experimentation, through music production, live performance, writing and a radio show.

Their debut EP switches with ease between ambient, dub and ethno-electronic styles, linking past influences and contemporary affinities. A space where bass, voice and guitar -melted through a cheap yet connoted mix, warm and raw reminding 80's productions- speak with more actual instruments. Fedora arpeggios speaking about a strange Odyssey, contrasting with rousing percussions.

Second edition of 120 copies.

Release by Besoins Premiers

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Organizatsiya - Strane Lezioni .jpg

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