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Patrick Selinger - Businessmen (12")


A perfect example of New Beat at its most tongue-in-cheek and yet still debonaire, the three ‘Businessmen’ cuts are a coolly sardonic ode to the excess of late ‘80s money men - exactly the sort that Belgian ravers were taking the piss out of by bringing briefcases to the club, usually paired with some stonewashed jeans and shirts decorated in smileys. Factor in the fact that Selinger hails from Antwerp - the biggest port for cocaine imports in Europe - and you can only imagine the kind of Jean Claude Van Damme-meets-Gordon Gecko characters he was observing and passing comment on.

While the original ‘Businessmen’, it’s stripped down vocal mix, and instrumental are as much a showcase for Selinger’s vocal as the dancefloor production of Jan Van Den Bergh (the total G behind Mappa Mundi and too many classics to mention), the B-side tracks show off Selinger’s solo piano talents  in three parts that play to the refined sound of Antwerp, offering a frothier taste of its smoky bars and back streets.

Release by STROOM

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Patrick Selinger-Businessmen.jpg

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