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Planetary Peace - Synthesis (2LP)


It is hard not to gush ad infinitum when talking about Planetary Peace’s long overlooked, impossibly obscure body of work. Although Will and Cath Sawyer have been playing and recording music together for the better part of 40 years, their only release until now has been one cassette released in a tiny edition in 1981 called Synthesis. The album is nothing short of a revelation, an intimate portrait of two people locked in an interplanetary embrace making folk music of the spheres. And now thanks to Love All Day we can enter this private cosmos.

The couple made the album while living in London in a rented cottage on a Teac 4-track with a homemade Serge synthesizer, chosen and built by the couple because they prefered harmonic tuning to equal temperament, which was standard on commercial synthesizers. Sounding something like early Fairport Convention if they played on the Silver Apples gear, were devoted to Indian Classical music lived in Sun Ra's cosmic community. The really fascinating thing about this music is that it is utterly unique and yet totally familiar at the same time. The first time I listened to this album it resonated deeply with me like music that I had listened to many times, but years ago. This album is canonical, timeless music that is collectively dreamed but intimately imagined, a fascinating fulfilment of our cultural subconscious. 

Reissue by Love All Day

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Planetary Peace-Synthesis_Front.jpg

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