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Space Farm - Egyptology 0.5 (12")


Self-released on Shakti Science Records in 1995, Space Farm`s Egyptology was an attempt to mix the music of 80s New York with that of the Pharaohs. The resulting moody, downtempo E.P. – revived by Left Ear Records – sounds like a lost Sabresonic classic. Weatherall`s tribe would no doubt have happily jacked – between the upturned oil drums that passed for tables – to The Dawn Of The Birds. A trance-inducing ceremony of hand percussion and avian chatter. Its growl of a bass-line shaking those arches on Crucifix Lane. Siren-like horns threatening to have London Bridge fall down again. As big as Bandulu`s Invaders (a definitive Sabresonic warm-up moment). As in thrall to the Goan full moon as Chris Butler`s overlooked Indoors Aftermix of Charas` Lunar Musique

The flip, Camels In Desert Air, is even more potently mind-bending. Carried by a psychedelic, spiraling harmonium riff. Its full nine and a half minutes probably a live improvisation. That riff gets phased, reversed. Sucked in and out. Sampled chants and shortwave recordings happen almost out of earshot. Lazer beams and insectoid machines, rave whistles and monkey screams, buzz the length of its evolving duration. Like Heavenly Music Corporation resurrecting Holy Ghost`s Walk On Air. - Dr. Rob (Ban Ban Ton Ton)

Reissue by Left Ear Records

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Space Farm - Egyptology 0.5.jpg

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