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TV-Totem - TV-Totem 1+2 (LP)


Ernst Thoma lives in rural Switzerland on a lake, and still plays his Serge Modular, TMS synthesizer, and  other wiry skittering machines. During the 80s he played electronics in, and co-founded Swiss avant-Pop group UnknownMix. TV-Totem was the name he used for his Serge rhythm experiments, accompanied by drummer Knut Remond.

Collected on one LP, the first 2 transmissions by future primitive percussion and Serge Modular duo TV-Totem. These prescient explorations not only foretell the duo’s later work in UnknownMix, but lay the foundation for similar pathways by the Moritz Von Oswald Trio and their ilk almost 30 years later. Recommended.

Reissue by Orbeatize

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TV-Totem - TV-Totem 1+2_1.jpg
TV-Totem - TV-Totem 1+2_2.jpg

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