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TV-Totem - TV-Totem 4 (LP)


Ernst Thoma lives in rural Switzerland on a lake, and still plays his Serge Modular, TMS synthesizer, and  other wiry skittering machines. During the 80s he played electronics in, and co-founded Swiss avant-Pop group UnknownMix. TV-Totem was the name he used for his Serge rhythm experiments, accompanied by drummer Knut Remond. 

TV-Totem 4 from 1983 was Thoma’s last duo release under the TV-Totem moniker, released right at the inception of UnknownMix. It’s a complex patchwork of rhythmic Serge manipulations and drums recorded off-the-floor in Thoma’s studio in Zurich. Perhaps the most fully realized TV-Totem, and a blueprint for the early UnknownMix rhythm section. Highly recommended! 

Reissue by Orbeatize

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