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Werkbund - Tanz Und Andacht (LP)


Since 1989, very shadowy releases under the name Werkbund have been sporadically appearing on the equally mysterious Hamburg based label Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien. The apocryphal story is that the Werkbund Organization was created to interpret the works of the late and completely unknown composer Mechtchild Von Leusch (1923-1989). Rumours have it that the group might actually be Uli Rehberg, Asmus Tietchens or Felix Kubin, perhaps even all three. What is certain is that the group draw inspiration from seafaring volks-myths and rugged coastal geography of Northern Germany. Their ur-folk interpretations are created with analog electronics that sound like they are wrapped in gossamer and recorded in the belly of an old wind-swept vessel. There is something lonely and rural about their sound, like gothic Cluster lost at sea, or what Brannten Schnüre might have sounded like releasing something on Chain Reaction. Tanz Und Nacht is a much needed reissue of their sought after double seven-inch album from 1997 with two extra songs. Sold out at source, highest recommendation!

Release by Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien

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Werkbund - Tanz Und Andacht..jpg

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