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Alanis Obamsawin - Bush Lady (Cassette)


Alanis Obomsawin, an Abenaki filmmaker, singer, artist and activist is primarily known for her political verité documentaries, many of which were released through the NFB. In 1985 she recorded her debut album Bush Lady for CBC/Radio-Canada. Disappointed by the presentation of the album she re-recorded the entire album and re-released it on her own WaWa Productions.

A spellbinding mix of percussion, poetry, chants and jazz, the album is utterly unique. The long-form arrangements are reminiscent of The Art Ensemble of Chicago’s sessions with Brigitte Fontaine, but with an almost zen-like use of space and concentration. A true Canadian classic that really deserves to reach a wider audience around the world. 

Unplayed vintage cassette.

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Alanis Obamsawin - Bush Lady.jpg

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