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Antonio Zepeda - Corazon Del Sol (Cassette)


To call Antonio Zepeda an ethnomusicologist is to misunderstand what he was trying to accomplish when he began to research, learn and play pre-Hispanic and traditional Mexican instruments in the early 1980s. Rather than focus on trying to recreate lost music of a distant past, Zepeda used these instruments in a modern studio environment to create music that sits outside of time, sounding simultaneously ancient and futuristic, alien even. In this way he demonstrates that the past is not something we can ever understand, we will always be viewing it from a biased perspective, it will always remain mysterious to us, almost like something from a distant galaxy.

After his initial experiments with pre-Hispanic percussion and wind instruments, and shortly after his monumental collaboration with Jorge Reyes, Zepeda found himself back in the studio where he recorded his masterpiece Corazon Del Sol. Taking greater liberties in the studio using panning, over-dubbing, reverb, echo and an almost dub-like mix, the result sounds something like tribal techno from another galaxy. A phenomenal journey from start to finish, and like all his albums, Corazon Del Sol perfectly captures Zepeda’s inimitable revisionist ideology of an ancient future music, free from the shackles of colonization. This album was only ever available on cassette. 

Sealed vintage cassette

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