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Audio Letter - Neti-Neti (LP)


Audio Letter formed in Seattle in 1979 as a stream-of-consciousness experiment by Sue Ann Harkey and Sharon Gannon. The duo relocated to NYC in the early 80s, and many artists from the Downtown Scene floated in and out of their orbit over the years, resulting in many hand-made cassette releases on their own Cityzens For Non-Linear Futures label.

On Mother’s Day in 1987 the duo were joined in the studio by luminaries Don Cherry, Denis Charles and David Life where they recorded several first-take improvisations. The magical conversations that transpired that day comprise Neti-Neti, the group’s first and only vinyl release. Harkey’s prepared guitar, with it’s kundalini zither-strum often lays the foundation over which the group paints colours of sound with trumpet, flute, echoplex violin, steel-pan, spoken word, bells and percussion. Although each member’s contribution can be gleaned from the works, especially Cherry’s characteristic muted trumpet, this is collective expression, and all the players’ voices are inextricably woven into this elevating tapestry of sound.

EX - Sealed vintage stock (may have a slight warp dnap)

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