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Daniel Palkowski - Asterism (LP)


American composer Daniel Palkowski’s Asterism is a fantastic re-discovery in the canon of  private US electronic music. The self-pressed LP is a very personal patchwork of electronic sounds and processing. Using computer, Arp 2600, DX-7, field recordings, tape and piano, the album sounds at times harkening back to concrete salad days, but with FM synthesis in the mix. Other times it sounds like a distracted but impassioned imitation of Poppy Nogood. The thing that really sets this LP apart from other like-minded home-spun avant-electronic music is that throughout the album the music is so heartfelt. All four songs are inspired by feelings and experiences that Palkowski had, from camping under a bridge (Baton Rouge Overpass) to longing for his soon-to-be wife (Shi-Ling). As Palkowski writes on the back of the album “I hereby set adrift my first constellation among the sea of ears”, and we are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of these consonant stars. 

EX - Unplayed vintage stock, some minor wear on cover

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Daniel Palkowski-Asterism_Front.jpg
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