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David Keane - Aurora (LP)


Truly psychedelic tone poems from Canadian electro-acoustic pioneer David Keane. In these pieces Keane explores the play of colours and textures in air, on stone and in water. La Cascade Enchantée is an exploration of waterfalls inspired by Tennyson’s line describing the enchanted waterfall in The Land of the Lotus Eaters: “Slow dropping veils of thinnest lawn”. Keane writes about he piece:


“La Cascade Enchantée is a fantasy that takes as its starting place the special property of our perceptions of real waterfalls. Just as one can see faces, animals and all manner of shapes in the clouds overhead, one can hear the sea, applause, wind, voices and all manner of sounds in the roar and froth of the waterfall. Such magic is available to the ears of anyone who pauses long enough to appreciate it”

The labyrinthine and ever-changing piece is full of hidden messages, real and imagined, listen closely and you can hear the voices in the water.

EX - Unplayed vintage stock, some minor wear on cover

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