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David Keane - Lyra (LP)


Lyra, David Keane’s first full-length LP, on the esteemed Music Gallery Editions, is comprised of 4 fascinating early tape pieces. The first piece Lyra (for piano and tape recorder) is the result of the search to break away from the powerful timbre and formant characteristics of the piano. The piece is equally a study of rhythm as the performer (Monica Gaylord) vigorously repeats one note on the piano creating an ever-changing rhythmic counterpoint due to the human inability to maintain a steady rhythm throughout the piece, reminiscent of La Monte Young’s X For Henry Flynt. The tape sections that divide the piece into 4 movements are long pulsing crescendos of electronic sound, like waves of fatigue contrasting vividly with the energetic piano.

Elegy (for double bass and tape recorder), a major work by Keane, is an exploration of the wide range of sonorities available on the double bass, particularly the rich overtones that fall in the middle of the hearing range, which have a greater utility on the bass than other stringed instruments. The instrument creaks, cries, plucks, hums and drones creating a mesmerising cascade of sounds, something like Charlie Haden playing with Bernard Parmegiani. Stunning.

EX - Unplayed vintage stock, some minor wear on cover

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