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David Oliver - Lizard Grows On You (LP)


For the last 30 years David Oliver has made his living touring the US and Canada as a keyboard player for ska bands. When at home in Bearsville, just outside of Woodstock NY, David plays piano and marimba, recording albums whenever possible. Over the years he has developed a peerless style the lies somewhere between spiritual jazz and Minimalism. His effervescent piano playing seems completely untethered by meter or rhythm, but suddenly locks step with the marimbas, kalimbas and other percussion instruments played by himself or his good friend Dan Brubeck (son of famous jazz pianist Dave Brubeck). Along with Brubeck and Dave Mason (on bass and percussion) David recorded 3 LPs in the early 80s at Carla Bley’s studio in Woodstock.

Lizard Grows On You is David Oliver’s debut album, and here he sows the seeds of his unmistakable approach to piano and percussion. Just over half the album is solo piano played so quickly and beautifully that he notes in the liners of his 3rd LP that “the piano is not overtracked on this album, the listener may choose to listen to the left or right hands moving independently or listen simply to the sound fall created by both hands being one.”. The Joy of Living is Oliver’s first euphoric extension for piano and marimba, a duet he will return to throughout his albums. Inside Your Garden and Euthanasia are both meditative pieces for mallet percussion and bells respectively. Once the lizard starts growing, embrace it, and let it grow.

EX - Unplayed vintage stock, some minor wear on cover

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