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Doug Snyder - The Conversation (LP)


Kraut-inspired home recording works by Doug Snyder, known amongst psych collectors for the incredibly deep proto PSF/LAFMS guitar/drums duo LP Daliy Dance (1973) with Bob Thompson. Hard to top Doug’s friend and CREEM writer Richard Riegel’s notes on the album, so here they are:

Doug Moved to NYC in 1976, and promply enlisted as the bassist for Sick Dick & the Volkswagens, a drone & buzz combo even more avantgard than Laurie Anderson’s choreographed eyebrows. Undaunted by Sick Dick’s failure to displace Bruce Springsteen from the public’s frontal lobes, Doug moved back among his Ohio roots in 1984, and can be found jamming to the max with Bob Thompson every spare moment now.

As it happens, Doug just released this recording, his first solo set. This is Doug’s whole show: guitars, keyboards, and drum boxes, and he masters all of ‘em, even if VW Brian Doherty and the eternal Bob Thompson guest on one cut each. Personally I think it’s kinda neat. I really go for the rockedged-style of Side B, especially “The Inertia of Youth” which sounds like anything but like what its title promises (maybe it’s a celebration of surpassing that condition and getting on with the cosmic wah wah churn of life.). But I wouldn’t sell those yearningly fat-guitar strums in the avantbilly “I Called Your Name” short either. Check that post-gridlock melody of “In The City” while you’re at it. “New Age” types who like to sit transfixed by videos of waltzing mesas on VH-1 Saturday nites, may fall in love with the very streamlined Side A of Doug’s disc, even if it’s ultimately much more propulsively rhythmic than most examples of that style. All Are Welcome.

Mr. Snyder now lives in Yellow Springs Ohio, with his red motorcycle, no cats, and 1000 of the best albums of all time. Some of which he made with his own hands.

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