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Fredi Alberti - Seine Trance (LP)


German cellist Fredi Alberti’s Klaenge Aus Dem Engelsraum is the pinnacle of private-press, an LP and publication, complete with a gorgeous psychedelic screen-printed booklet pasted on the front. The sounds encapsulated in this elaborate design are equally delicate, also drawing inspiration from the hand-crafted margins of wandervogel culture. This is hand-played music woven from the organic edges of the K-rock spectrum, Witthüser + Westrupp, early Amon Duul, Sergius Golowin, and Emtidi, but with a focussed minimal approach, and VU ur-strum. 

EX - unplayed stock copy, some foxing on cover

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Fredi Alberti - Seine Trance.jpg

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