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Hildegard Westerkamp - Voices For The Wilderness (Cassette)


Canadian composer and sound ecologist Hildegard Westerkamp was a central figure in Simon Fraser University’s Vancouver Soundscape Project. Her influence on field-recording culture can’t be underestimated and her “Inside The Soundscape” series  of compositions are pioneering in the field. Vol. 4 Voices For The Wildernerness is a singular sound document capturing the Wilderness Cultural Festival in 1985, an ecology event focussed on saving the Stein Watershed. It was recorded over the weekend of the event and captures the natural sounds of the forest and water, as well as speeches, drumming, fireside conversations, songs and chants. Westerkamp’s drifting mix of sound sources makes the listening experience akin to wandering through the weekend, experiencing the palpable natural environment in equal measure to the human voices trying to save it.

Unplayed vintage cassette.

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Hildegard Westerkamp-Voices For The Wilderness.jpg

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