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Jacques Charlier - Musique Regressive (Casssette)


Musique Regressive is Belgian multi-disciplinary artist Jacques Charlier’s first album privately released on cassette in 1984. It is a totally unique and brilliant vision that exists somewhere between Jac Berrocal’s oblique European distillation of rock n’ roll and Jeff Phelp’s sideways take on genre and mastery of home recording. Charlier’s palette here is an 808, guitar and effects (fuzz/phase/delay), synth, organ and his unmistakable croon. In turns dark, humorous, loungey, psychedelic, and even possibly dance-floor friendly. 34 years after it’s initial (mostly unheard) release it still stands future-proof in it’s inimitable robes, forward-thinking and dare I say ‘progressive’ even today. It is ‘regressive’ only in the sense of stripping back the posturing garb of popular music, or perhaps returning to something raw and personal, the lost essence of rock n’ roll. This is without a doubt one of the best albums I’ve heard all year, it floors me every time. Highest recommendation. 

EX - Unplayed vintage cassette

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