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Lino Capra Vaccina - L'Attesa (LP)


Best known for his Gurdjieff inspired minimal masterpiece Antico Adagio, Italian percussionist/composer Lino Capra Vaccina made one other full length LP years later, in 1992. Equally rooted in Eastern mysticism, but this time under the spell of Indian classical and pop music, much in the same way as Hosono and Yokoo’s Cochin Moon. L’Attesa is a MIDI meditation wrapped in warm DX7 pads and propelled by deftly played percussion. It’s an immersive 35mm experience that moves from lush miniatures to mature weightless pop songs. A masterpiece from another floating world. 

Typical of all Lynx pressings the covers are all different and hand painted and numbered by Roberto Donnini. L’Atessa LPs are all signed as well. 

EX - Unplayed vintage stock, some minor wear on cover. May have very minor storage warp, dnap. 


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Lino Capra Vaccina-LAttesa_Front.jpg
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