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Mark Carmody - Tuesday Wednesday (LP)


Tuesday Wednesday is the soundtrack to an obscure Canadian film by Jon Pedersen, seemingly lost in time. Even if the film is impossible to track down to view, and trust me, I’ve tried, we thankfully and teasingly, have the soundtrack composed by Fredericton based guitarist Mark Carmody. He also played in and produced east Coast wavers Decade of Dreams, and is a member of the underrated Canadian heavy psychedelic duo The Exploding Meet. The brooding and immersive soundtrack is entirely composed of multi-tracked guitar, which is hard to believe considering the psychedelic array of sounds. The album cover, a still from the film, perfectly encapsulates the brooding introspective haze found on the soundtrack, and makes me want to watch this film even more! Essential Canadiana. 

EX - sealed stock copy, may have minor warping, dnap.

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Mark Carmody - Tuesday Wednesday_1.jpg
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