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Michael Klausman - Aeolian Darts (Book) 06SC


Aeolian Darts is a collection of playful minimal poetry by sound-thinker and garage-printer Michael Klausman. He has been an avid collector of small press chapbooks for many years, frequently posting his obscure finds on his Drifting Lament Instagram, a labyrinthine rabbit-hole of post-Fluxus poets, esoteric private press records & found art. This book is a culmination of his interests in the edges of culture, a space where mimeographed liners, mail art and handmade cassettes rub shoulders with avant-garde 20th Century poetry and academic ethnography. There is also a resounding twang to these poems which echoes Klausman's relocation from NYC to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Overall, the collection captures a particular kind of mischievous joy, the elations of thrift-store discovery and accidentally lyrical mondegreens. Limited edition of 300 printed by the historic Coach House Printing in Toronto.

Born and raised in Kansas, Michael Klausman currently lives with his family along Colorado’s Front Range. Since being expelled from University for excessive library late fines, he has gone on to work for a handful of influential record stores, and now helps produce reissues of obscure & out-of-print albums for various labels. He is also the co-founder of WRY, a small poetry press that operates out of his garage, and which mostly specializes in letterpress publications of obscure & under-known poets. He considers his own work to exist in a continuum with the small press poetry and avant-garde movements of the 1960s & ‘70s, citing the work of Emmett Williams, Frank Kuenstler, Robert Grenier, & Clark Coolidge as being central to his practice, along with the mental detritus that accumulates from reading too many Early Music & Ethnomusicological album liner notes.

Design By Alan Briand
Printed in Canada by Coach House Printing

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Michael Klausman - Aeolian Darts (06SC companion mix)

Michael made this incredible mix for us as a companion to his upcoming book of poetry Aeolian Darts (06SC) released under our newly established publishing arm. The mix runs the gamut from sound poetry and artist pieces to minimalist electronics and ethnographic recordings, a perfectly conceived hermetic conversation in sound and song.