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One Tongue - No Doubt (LP)


One Tongue’s No Doubt is the third and final release in Joe mubare’s YAYA trilogy. 

Joe Mubare studied psychology and political science in Munich and Los Angeles. He then began training as a family therapist and occasionally translated psychological textbooks. Thanks to his extensive musical education during his youth, with which he also won occasional composition contests, he managed to work part-time as a composer for 20th Century Fox. There he composed about 50 songs for film and television series.

After returning to Germany in the early 1980s, Mubare focused on his music career and released his first album in 1984 with Mubare. Between 1989 and 1990 Mubare released 3 LPs on his own YAYA label. All three albums, adorned with striking watercolours by Jörg Bachhofer, are spacious percussive works, that orbit in the Can-continuum alongside fellow travellers Dunkleziffer and Phantom Band. Highly recommended!

EX - Unplayed vintage stock, some minor wear on cover

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