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Phollop Willing P.A. - Orphan Baby (7")


Phollop Willing P.A. is the nom de musique of Halifax musician, and Nerve Records honcho Phillip Wollong. Aside from releasing some major East Coast electronic game changers, like Steve Tittle, on his label, he released this one totally zonked 45 in 1981. It’s already pretty collectible for the Aside, a fried Canadian synth punk anthem. But for me, the appeal lies entirely on the Bside. Sea Cruise Blues is strung-out existential blues in the key of Ed Sanders, with waves of white noise and melancholic skronk, almost reaching Abe Karou levels of loneliness. I mean, Halifax is pretty far out there. Essential Canadiana.

EX - unplayed stock copy, with a re-xeroxed cover.

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Phollop Willing P.A.-Orphan Baby_1.jpg
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