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Priscilla Ermel - Cine Mato Grafico (LP)


Most people will know Priscilla Ermel from John Gomez’s impeccably curated Outro Tempo compilation on Music From Memory, but incredible as her two songs are on there, that is only a gateway into her lush sound universe. Cine Mato Grafico from 1990 is a widescreen meditation on contemporary Amazonian life. This is folk music in the broadest sense. Expanding on the rich tradition of MPB (Música Popular Brasileira), Ermel introduces new Amazonian, Bahian, Afro-Brazilian and even New Age forms into the fold. Ermel’s astounding ability to play, compose and arrange music on a wide variety of instruments is unparalleled, and here she is credited with synthesizer, kalimba, guitar, violin, MIDI guitar, voice and programming. The result is a complex portrait of Amazonian life that is simultaneously beautiful and troubled, ancient and modern, tough and fragile.

EX - Unplayed vintage stock, some minor foxing and wear on cover and insert.

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Priscilla Ermel - Cine Mato Grafico_1.jpg
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