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Steve Tittle - One of The Merely Players (LP)


In 1970, Steve Tittle moved to Halifax, joined the Dalhousie University faculty and set up the Dalhousie Experimental-Electronic Sound Studio. As conductor, organizer, trumpet and flügelhorn player, and mallet percussionist, Tittle was a catalyst for new music performance in the Maritimes, in particular introducing the potential of synthesizer and tape composition to the region.

One of Tittle’s primary interests is the interaction between tape and performer, an idea he explores on his brilliant One of the Merely Players album, released in 1983 on Nerve Records. The album is comprised of studio versions of pieces he played in his solo concerts at the time. Tittle recorded and played everything on the album, which is remarkable considering the complexity, instrumentation and musicianship involved. The album is a mesmerizing thespian tapestry of Korg and Arp synthesizers, trumpet, flugelhorn, bamboo sax, broken-down guitar, various percussion, voice and effects. The deft interplay between the horns and electronics is like a one man Aqua Sansa. A true masterpiece of Canadian electronic music, up there with Bernard Bonnier and Ann Southam. 

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