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Sugai Ken - 岩石考 -yOrUkOrU- (Cassette)


We’ve been fans of Sugai Ken since he first emerged with his now future-classic LP on Lullabies for Insomniacs, but this release on Yerevan Tapes caught us by surprise, and is possibly his most lifted work to date. Field recordings are processed and warped, mingling with alien electronics and deftly mangled samples. Somehow this heady brew manages to remain reverently traditional, utilizing negative space, relief and flatness with the skill of the great masters of Ukiyo-e.

As a rough translation of the title says (岩石考 -yOrUkOrU- - Remarks on Rock) and according to the artist’s statement, the protagonists of this work are stones in their different ways and narratives. Like in his previous albums Ken uses a language both oneiric and realistic, shaping an immersive and vivid landscape where the listener can float on. Highest recommendation.

Release by Yerevan Tapes

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Sugai Ken-岩石考 -yOrUkOrU.jpg

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