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The Doubling Riders - Doublings & Silences Vol. II (2LP Box)


The Doubling Riders started as the mail-art project of Francesco Paladino and then grew to include regular collaborators Riccardo Sinigaglia and Pier Luigi Andreoni. Their second album together Doublings & Silences Vol. II is a compendium of avant ideas from three inimitable sound thinkers and an A-list of collaborators including Roberto Muschi, Alain Neffe and Christina Kubisch. The pieces range from spoken word and electronics to avant pop and widescreen minimalism. Although most of the works are quite serious in tone, the whole project is freewheeling and experimental, and overall one gets the sense that the artists were having fun exploring an uninhibited range of ideas with good friends. The boxset features a beautiful booklet and paintings by Gustavo Foppiani.

EX - Unplayed vintage stock, some wear on cover

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