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T.J. Hustler Metaphysical Synthesized Orchestra – Age of Individualism (2LP)


After years of clandestinely circulated low-res MP3s and Youtube repeats TJ Hustler is finally available!

Age Of Individualism is a prescient and idiosyncratic vision that was originally released in 1979 in a tiny handmade edition by TJ Huslter himself. It's an existential electronic odyssey that was conceived as a one man puppet show. This is "No BS" futurism, an antidote to the dark Age Of Individualism that plagues these modern times. TJ's words are as true today as they were in 1979, and the music is lightyears ahead, as much of a flash-forward as Charanjit Singh's acid house ragas. One of the biggest rediscoveries in recent memory, and done to perfection, wonderfully restored and housed in a thick 70's style tip-on jacket. 

Reissue by Companion Records 

Limited Edition of 500

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