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V/A - No Order in Destiny (2LP)


Absolutely essential compilation of contemporary deviance from Kashual Plastik. Housed in a painstakingly hand-made jacket, in the DIY tradition of legendary underground 80s independent labels such as Pinakotheka, Home Produkt, and Hawai. It’s impossible to play favourites with the tracklisting, every track is brilliant, perfectly sequenced, and sustains the shadowy static mood throughout. Lamusa II, Steve Pepe, Brannten Schnure, F_Ingers, Georgia, NAR, Paul Arambula, Nadine Byrne - just to name a few of the fateful travellers involved in this kosmiche journey to the centre of NOW. Highest recommendation, sold out at source. 

Release by Kashual Plastik, all handmade an vary slightly.

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V:A - No Order in Destiny_1.jpg
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