Séance Centre

Playing out of time.


Séance Centre is a label, publisher, and distributor
conjuring timeless music from the past, present and future.

Vintage Stock

Researching music is a habit. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to find original stock of interesting records, books, and cassettes. Our shop offerings are culled from our best finds.


We are always keeping our ears open, listening for captivating sounds to rescue from the folds of time. Séance Centre is dedicated to releasing these discoveries with a focus on sound quality, design, and narrative.


We’re not just hooked on music, but the musicians, cultures, and places that create it. We contextualize our releases with interviews, essays, photos, and documentary storytelling, to create a larger picture.


Teaming up with people on parallel wavelengths we're helping to spread the word about the music we love. If you’re a shop or label, get in touch to learn more.

Brandon Hocura
Founder / Creative Director

Brandon Hocura is a musician, producer, DJ, and archivist. He co-founded the infamous reissue label Invisible City Editions responsible for reviving lost disco, afro, soca, pantsula and kwaito masterpieces. His passion for music has taken him across the globe. He is the founder and creative director of Séance Centre.


Naomi Hocura
Co-owner / Director of Operations

Naomi Hocura is a documentary filmmaker. Her current narrative is woven from past lives as a poet, experimental film programmer, electronic musician, and producer. She is helping to tell the story. 


Alan Briand
Graphic Designer

Alan Briand is graphic designer, record collector, DJ and musician living in Paris. He has several releases on Plaisir Partagé and a mini album on International Feel. Inspired by the 80's, both in sound and design, his work is inspired by library music, Zouk, Japanese Fusion, New beat and more. He gives Séance Centre it's classy look.