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Joanne Forman's Cave Vaults of the Moon (LP)   08SC

Joanne Forman's Cave Vaults of the Moon (LP) 08SC

Joanne Forman

American composer Joanne Forman was chosen as one of the six from a field of over 200 to study with the Pulitzer Prize winning composer Dr. Robert Ward. She has composed ten one-act operas (for which she also wrote the librettos); orchestral, choral and chamber music; song cycles (in Spanish, German and English); and well over 100 piano pieces and musicals (including for children). 

In 1987, Forman was commissioned to create the soundscape for an environmental exhibition of sculpture called Artifacts from an Alien Civilization at the Stables Art Centre in Taos, New Mexico. This resulted in Cave Vaults of the Moon, her first foray into composing with electronics.

She also had a long career in journalism, and was a puppeteer for 27 years, touring the USA and Southeast Asia. 

Forman has a classical program on the public educational radio station KCEI-FM in Taos, New Mexico, where she has lived for many years.