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Andrew Zealley / Dianne Bos - Taking Sides (7")


After the dissolution of Toronto new wave group Perfect World, artists and musicians Andrew Zealley and Dianne Bos decided they still wanted to work together creatively, and came up with the idea for the Taking Sides single, with each of them contributing one song for each side. 

Andrew, under the guise of GC:1693 created the cosmic collage I’ll Come Running, a sort of Baldelli meets John Oswald cough syrup glam stomper. 

Dianne, under the monicker The Institute For Unusual Studies contributed My Baby She Moves So Slow, psychedelic blue-eyed boogie that sounds like it was mixed by King Tubby, with Augustus Pablo ghosting on melodica. A must for fans of Brenda Ray, Rexy and the David Cunningham continuum. 

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Andrew Zealley : Diane Bos-Taking Sides_1.jpg
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