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Cotton Mather - Noise and Big Faces (LP)


Cotton Mather has been in hundreds of car crashes, and appeared in just about as many films. His IMDB which is incomplete lists 140 films, everything from T2 and X-Men to Robocop and True Lies.

Before Cotton began his very successful career as a stunt driver he studied composition in the now infamous York University program founded by James Tenney and David Rosenboom. As a student there he encountered performances by Terry Riley, John Cage, Pandit Pran Nath, Philip Glass and Steve Reich.

Absorbing all theses heady influences Cotton wrote Noise and Big Faces which he recorded in his brother Bill's high-end studio in Elora Ontario, which was a secret get-away for American hair metal bands to avoid fans and *influences* when recording. Even today Bill is under an NDA and tight-lipped about who recorded there. Rush is the only band that publicly mentions recording there. 

The private pressed, and self-funded album has a very long list of players and is a minimalist cornucopia in the world of Reich and Glass, but with subtle pop touches, like the wonderfully obscured covers of Bill Withers, Barry Reynolds and Hank Ballard Jr. Even at times sounding like a an avant David Byrne. An absolutely essential lost piece of Canadian music history, highest recommendation!

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