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Luddites - S/T (LP)


Luddites, the sweetest sound west of Highway 7. This London, Ontario avant super-group (of sorts) was comprised of musicians Murray Favro (The Nihilist Spasm Band), Peter Denny, Gerry Collins, and bill bissett, infamously Jack Kerouac’s favourite poet. The group only released one LP and a cassette, but their sparse audio legacy belies something much more enduring, and ahead of its time. The group inhabits an interzone between bill’s quasi self-help spoken word, marimba minimalism, warped new-age, and VU expanded song-form, nothing short of the coolest thing happening in Ontario at that time. Or even now for that matter. Essential Canadiana.

EX - sealed deadstock copy (may have slight storage warp, dnap)

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