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Massimo Del Corpo - Anima Di Gomma (Cassette) 13SC


Massimo Del Corpo is the alter-ego of Lamusa II, an enigmatic Italian musician based in Paris. Anima Di Gomma is Massimo’s first release, recorded over the course of one week, after nightfall. The process was deliberately minimal using only two or three instruments at a time (ARP Odyssey, Cimar guitar & SG Bass), and processing those instruments using only analog delay and spring reverb. The result is a collection of atmospheric arabesques that evolve patiently from overlapping ornaments of delay and percussive metallic ARP patterns. Evocative of early tape-delay pioneers Gunter Schickert, M.A.L., Robert Fripp, and Sensation’s Fix, but with a less progressive approach, and a damp monochromatic sensibility that wouldn’t sound out of place on 80s Japanese cult labels Vanity or Pinakotheca. 

Limited edition of 50 Hi-Bias cassettes. 

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