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Playdate - Manitoulin Tapes (Cassette) 15SC


Matthew Bailey and Carl Schilde play fully improvised music oscillating somewhere between bingo hall Casio suites and kosmische dreamscapes. The duo perform under the name Playdate, and are sometimes accompanied by 90s instructional videos, larger than life amateur dancers, and outdated light shows. 

Last summer, they travelled to a remote cabin on Manitoulin Island and recorded their debut album in two days, improvised live onto stereo cassette tape. They ceremoniously recorded two 30 minute tape sides each morning, afternoon and night, surrounded by insect drones, forest breezes and lapping waves. Manitoulin Tapes is the distillation of that bucolic experience. Like the mutable remote island environment, the recordings are sometimes warm and pastoral, like an Algonquin Cluster, at other times somber and brooding, like Sympathy Nervous, Pan Sonic or Cabaret Voltaire inspired by the Group of Seven rather than Dada.

Limited edition of 50 hi-bias cassettes. Black or white cassette options (choose in dropdown).


A1 Tape VII AM (6:04)
A2 Tape X PM (1:25)
A3 Tape II AM (4:00)
A4 Tape III PM (2:28)
A5 Tape IX PM (2:43)
A6 Tape VIII AM (1:32)

B1 Tape VI Night (2:51)
B2 Tape V Night (3:47)
B3 Tape XII Night (4:17)
B4 Tape IV PM (2:37)
B5 Tape XI Night (0:54)
B6 Tape VII AM (reprise) (3:30)

Release date June 7th 2019

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