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The Palace at 4am - White Guilt (7")


White Guilt was the follow up, and last release from The Palace at 4am. Also released on their own Collective Ego label. On this single the group is expanded to include Dianne Bos And Andrew Zealley from Perfect World on vocals, as well as additional percussion from Brian Skol. The tone is more overtly political, but with characteristic economic and surreal lyrics. Only a few copies of this vary rare single available! 

The Palace at 4am is a surrealist sculpture by Alberto Giacometti made in 1932. It is also a new wave group based in Toronto in the early 80s, piloted by bassist, artist and curator Ihor Holubizky and percussionist Walter Yarwood. The group was deeply under the spell of Liquid Liquid, The Talking Heads and deviant dub-Pop like The Flying Lizards and the On-U stable. Reminiscent of the Giacometti sculpture the production is angular, but warm and has a transparent clarity and depth.

In the words of Ihor Holubizky: WHITE GUILT is an ensemble recording; structured, but barely rehearsed and taking cues from footage shot while travelling in Europe and North Africa. The words are obliquely political, in keeping with the times. The two compositions were only ever performed live once, but exhilarating; eleven people on stage.

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