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Vito Ricci's My Little Life (Book + Cassette)   05SC

Vito Ricci's My Little Life (Book + Cassette) 05SC

Vito Ricci

Vito Ricci has been a vital and prolific composer of the downtown New York music scene since 1979. During his thirty-year-plus career, Ricci has scored over fifty productions including for concert, theater, dance, performance, film and video. Performances of his works have been presented at countless venues over the years, and recent collaborations include a residency at Sisters, Brooklyn in 2016 with Lise Vachon and a performance with Bob Holman at MOMA/PS1 in November, 2017.

Mostly self-taught, he has studied with Ursula Mamlok, Eleanor Cory and Ornette Coleman, and has collaborated with Bob Holman, Martin Goldray, Rashied Ali, Flux Quartet, Jacob Burkhardt, Lise Vachon, and The Wooster Group.

Ricci has released CDs of solo piano music, electronic works, song cycles, improvisations and string quartets. Recent releases include “I Was Crossing a Bridge”, a collection of his works by Music from Memory (2015), “Symphony for Amiga”, an LP commissioned by Intelligent Instruments in (2016), and “My Little Life”, a book/cassette published by Séance Centre (2017).

He is a “composer of a wide ranging and obsessively fascinating collection of works.” (The Wire)